How Adrenaline Kicks Differ from Person to Person

Adrenaline is one of the essential hormones to which humanity owes more than it appreciates. It helped our ancestors survive in the jungle during the Stone Age. Most of the achievements in sports are also due to the influence of this hormone. However, adrenaline rush occurs at different times and for various reasons.

Here are four ways adrenaline effects differ from person to person:

The Coward Instinct

The hormone triggers the “flight or fight” feeling. This causes the heartbeat to increase, as well as the rate of breathing. Some people cannot handle the sudden surge in strength, sweat, and breathing.

Consequently, they choose the flight mode and run away. Fortunately, the adrenaline will provide such strength to help them run for their life. This instinct has helped some athletes set records due to the fear of losing.

The Hero Effect

Some of the most heroic acts in history have been a result of a sudden surge of adrenaline. Examples include stories of a mother lifting a car to save her baby or the others scaling storey buildings to rescue a dangling child. Some when threatened or irritated choose to fight rather than run.

The Gaming Effect

A common source of adrenaline rush is through extreme games such as sky diving. Others do not have to take part in such to have an adrenaline rush. All they need is an immersive online game, a horror movie or action thriller.


Finally, in some people, adrenalin rush kicks at the thought of a past traumatising experience such as sexual molestation, or physical abuse. It is a special kind of effect and requires proper medical attention and counselling.