Popular Extreme Sports

Extreme sports can push you to your physical and mental limits. These sports also help you manage your fears. There are many popular extreme sports you can enjoy. They include:

• BMX Cycling

BMX cycling is one of the most popular extreme sport. The races are usually held on dirt and paved tracks that stretch for 300 to 400 metres. There are also several turns and jumps on the way, and these can make the sport even more thrilling and extreme. BMX bikes are small and specially designed for this sport.

• Mountain Biking

This sport involves riding mountain bikes over rough off-road terrains. The bikes resemble regular ones, but they have features that enhance durability and performance on such terrain. Good terrains for this sport include cross country, all mountain, trail riding, dirt jumping, and downhill. This sport will test your strength, endurance, and balance.

• Fell Running

Fell running is also referred to as hill running. In this sport, the gradient or slope is a big part of the challenge. Participants of this sport also have to possess decent navigation and survival skills as they will have to go through mountainous regions.

• Trail Running

Trail running is similar to fell running, but it does not involve the use of any navigation skills. It usually takes place on normal tracks that are easy to follow. Also, these paths do not involve a significant amount of ascent. This sport has less impact stress compared to road running.


There are many extreme sports that you can engage in. They include trail running, mountain biking, BMX cycling, and fell running. You should participate in these sports to build your physical and mental strength.